Trace Adkins Releases New Video and New Single “Mind On Fishin'”

Trace Adkins premieres new video Mind on Fishin'
Photo courtesy Essential Broadcast Media

If you had any doubt that Trace Adkins is a good ole country boy, you’d be wrong. The Louisiana native is putting his country roots front and center in a brand new single, “Mind On Fishin'”

Written by Aaron Raitiere and Wynn Varble, “Mind on Fishin'” tells the story of a guy who would rather be on the lake thinking about God than in Sunday service thinking about fishing. Trace is giving One Country readers an exclusive first look at the new video, which is a nostalgic ode to country living and stars the legendary T. Graham Brown.

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“As a man who still likes to fish about every evening, ‘Mind On Fishin’’ is very relatable to me,” Trace tells One Country.  “The song, co-written by one of my favorite writers, Wynn Varble, along with Aaron Raitiere, humorously tells the story of a struggle we have all faced a time or two.”

Trace Adkins Mind on Fishin single cover

The video kicks off with Trace’s unmistakable baritone vocals saying, “Let her go boys.”

We then see  T. Graham headed out to the lake to get in some fishing in, with hopes of making it to Sunday service afterwards. As shots of Trace singing by the lake are interspersed throughout, the women who play T. Graham’s wife and daughter can be seen saving him a seat at church, fully expecting him to show up.

Turns out the guy never makes the service. Why? Because he’s sitting on the lake enjoying the beauty of nature and getting in some fishing.

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“I’d rather be on a lake with my mind on God / In the middle of his creation / In an old john boat with my zebco rod / For some private conversation / There might be a few people talking bad about me / When they see that I’m a missin’ / But I’d rather be on a lake with my mind on God / Than in church with my mind on fishin’,” Trace sings in the chorus.

The new summer tune is the first taste of what we can expect from Trace’s upcoming EP, due out later this year.

Watch Trace’s video for “Mind on Fishin'” below.