Exclusive Premiere: Tracy Lawrence Unveils Acoustic Video of “When the Cowboy’s Gone”

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Tracy Lawrence acoustic video premiere When the Cowboys Gone
Photo by Timothy Hiehle

In a brand new acoustic video for his single “When The Cowboy’s Gone,” featured on his album Made In America, Tracy Lawrence is stripping it down with an exclusive premiere for One Country readers.

The traditional tune, written by Tracy, Carson Chamberlain and Wyatt McCubbin, has the Arkansas native basically posing the question, “who’s gonna ride in and save the day?” In a time when the country needs to be led in the right direction, it’s the perfect query to be asked during these time.

“I love the whole message that [the song] talks about because the analogy of the cowboys—you think back in time when you are growing up to all the old westerns that we saw—good always won,” Tracy tells One Country. ” The cowboy symbolized all that honesty and integrity of society and he fought the bad guys. You want to see that kind of society come back and I think this symbolizes what we’re all longing for. We’re all longing for justice in a world where we really don’t know what’s right and wrong anymore. The cowboy to me symbolizes all that upright integrity that we’re all missing in society.”

“I’m really proud of this song. It has such a powerful message,” adds Tracy.  “We all know the strength and character the cowboy represents.  When we lose that character in society, our country is lost.  I think this song is a perfect message for the time and place we’re in right now.”

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The song takes a look at what the cowboy’s identity represents and how the world would get along if that character is lost.

Who’s gonna ride in and save the day? / Who’s gonna throw that big John Wayne right hook? / When it looks like the every thing’s gone to hell / Tell me who / What we need is more walk than talk / In the windshield not the rear view / Like some long lost song / ‘Cause this world’s in trouble when the cowboys gone,” he sings in the chorus.

Tracy sat down with One Country‘s Kelly Sutton to talk about “When the Cowboy’s Gone” and the deeper meaning he hopes fans will take from the song.

“I hope people realize our society in it’s entirety is not broken, but it is way past time for a lot o the conversations that we’re having now about social injustice and everything that is going on,” Tracy tells One Country. “I believe that a lot of these things can be fixed. I do believe there is a misbalance in power and there does need to be police reform and all these other things that we’re dealing with right now. Hopefully, that even as simple as a song can be, that it can inspire people to really step back and look at themselves and see how they fit into the picture. Even if they don’t know any cowboy’s in their life, the analogy of the person in your neighborhood that tries to go out and go above and beyond and do things for  their neighbor next door and to fight the bully down the block and do all those things, that is the symbolism of what the cowboy stands for.”

Check out Tracy’s acoustic video for “When the Cowboy’s Gone.”