Travis Denning Releases Six-Pack EP, ‘Beer’s Better Cold’ — “Hopefully New Music Will Lift Some Spirits”


Travis Denning isn’t going to let a little quarantine stop him from releasing new music. The 27-year old, who released his debut EP, Beer’s Better Cold, which includes  his first Top 5 single, “After A Few,” is introducing his music in the middle of a pandemic.

“At least the music is still coming. I’m fired up. I’m fired up to give people this first chapter of new music,” Travis tells One Country. “Honestly, if they’re like me, they’re going stir crazy and they’re bored, so hopefully new music will lift some spirits.”

The EP, produced by Jeremy Stover, contains six new tracks, five of which were co-written by Denning.

“We got six songs, of course it’s a six pack of Beer’s Better Cold. Why not,” Travis adds. “I think this is the best first look into the story I want to tell, which is the people I come from, the place I come from.  I think half of this EP is going to hit people in a way where it’s like, ‘that’s exactly what I expect from Travis, high energy, some party songs, some drinking anthems, some heartbreak songs.’ But I think that there is another half of this record that’ll really kind of surprise people and give them a new look of some music to expect, that they haven’t heard before.”

Next up, Denning is ready to join Sam Hunt on his Southside Tour, with Kip Moore. The tour was originally set to begin on May 28 in Charlotte, N.C., but has been pushed back to kick off on July  10 in Bangor, Maine.

One Country’s Kelly Sutton sat down with Travis for a Zoom interview to talk  about the new EP, what Denning is doing to help him through quarantine and the music he’s listening to right now. Check out the the interview below.

Beer’s Better Cold is available now on all platforms.


1.    “Where That Beer’s Been”
(Rhett Akins, Travis Denning, Chris Stevens, Jeremy Stover)
2.    “After A Few”
(Kelly Archer, Travis Denning, Justin Weaver)
3.    “ABBY”
(Ashley Gorley, Matt Jenkins, Chase McGill)
4.    “Tank Of Gas And A Radio Song”
(Travis Denning, Nathan Spicer, Shane Minor)
5.    “Beer’s Better Cold”
(Scooter Carusoe, Travis Denning, Cole Taylor)
6.    “Sittin’ By A Fire”
(Rhett Akins, Travis Denning, Jeremy Stover)

Travis Denning EP cover Beer's better cold