New Music From Trisha Yearwood in 2018? Yes!


Trisha Yearwood hasn’t released new music, not including her Christmas album, Christmas Together, with Garth Brooks in 2016, since 2014’s Prizefighter: Hit After Hit, which included ten re-recorded singles and six newly recorded songs.

Since then, Trisha has been out on the road for 3 years touring with her husband on the biggest North American Tour in history, the Garth Brooks World Tour.

We caught up with one of country’s greatest voices to find out what her upcoming plans were for 2018 and to basically beg her to release new music. Looks like we have something to look forward to.

“I’m going to start a new record in 2018. I’m going to sleep most of January,” Trisha joked with One Country. “Then I’m going to start a new record. And the cooking show is still going on, so I’ll have that. That’s the plan right now. We’re going to do some festivals together. We’re going to keep playing music. Garth famously says, ‘my retiring days are behind me.’ He’s done retiring so we’re going to figure it out.”

And as for another possible Garth and Trisha tour in the future. Signs point to yes.

“Probably not like this,” she said referring to the 3-year world tour. “But yeah, for sure.”