Troy Gentry’s Helicopter Experienced Mechanical Issues


Audio of the 911 call from the helicopter crash that killed Montgomery Gentry’s Troy Gentry Friday night (Sept. 8) has been obtained by

According to the 911 audio, Gentry’s helicopter had reported “mechanical issues” and was awaiting aid from emergency responders. The dispatcher on the call requested that responders hurry to Flying W Airport because the helicopter pilot was hovering for several minutes and waiting for help to arrive before trying to make an emergency landing.

Sadly, the helicopter crashed shortly after the emergency crew arrived. Gentry and the helicopter pilot were both killed. According to sources who talked to, Gentry was pulled from the passenger seat and brought to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The crash happened at approximately 1 p.m. at the Flying W Airport in Medford, N.J., just prior to a show Montgomery Gentry had planned for later that evening. News that Gentry was the one involved in the crash and had died, broke a few hours later and was soon confirmed by a statement from the duos representatives.

It is with great sadness that we confirm that Troy Gentry, half of the popular country duo, Montgomery Gentry, was tragically killed in a helicopter crash which took place at approximately 1:00pm today in Medford, New Jersey. The duo was scheduled to perform tonight at the Flying W Airport & Resort in Medford. Troy Gentry was 50 years old.