Ty Herndon’s Cover of a Carrie Underwood Classic “So Small” Gets Carrie’s Nod


When Ty Herndon released his newest album, Got It Covered, he wanted to take the opportunity to re-record some of his biggest hits using the proper pronouns to reflect his life as a gay man. But also among the tracks are some of his favorite covers, including the powerful 2007 Carrie Underwood hit, “So Small.”

The gentle ballad that reminds listeners to keep a healthy perspective when things feel overwhelming. And it was just the message that Ty wanted to include on his album and in his newest music video.

Ty explains, “It is my true passion to work with LGBTQ kids. I have the honor of working with some of the best organizations in country, and we all share a determination to see the suicide rate go down with kids. I knew I had to do something special with The Rainbow Squad, and I wanted to spotlight their amazing hearts and faces. The message in ‘So Small’ was perfect.”

He continues, “The video represents the joy these kids have in their hearts; their stories and challenges are all different, but together the love and strength they share with each other is unbreakable. All of their parents showed up for the video shoot, it was a very loving and emotional day for them. As I hugged one of the moms, she held my face and said ‘please tell them to love their kids, no matter what. It’s the most important thing you will ever do.’”

The video begins in black-and-white and viewers can see that the young people are sitting to have their faces painted or dancing joyfully in a large circle. The footage then evolves into full color and we see that the face paint is in a rainbow of colors. As it winds to a close, we begin to realize that some of the painted faces belong to the mothers of these children who are embracing their children and their life choices.

Ty’s cover didn’t go unnoticed by Carrie. She tweeted a link to Ty’s cut on her feed and said, “When artists write & sing songs, we hope people will be able to relate to them…to find themselves in the lyrics. When another ARTIST relates so much that they want to sing it, too, it makes the song mean even more! I love this, Ty Herndon!!!”

What makes this even more special for Carrie is that this is the first single she released that she also shared writing credit on.