Hear Tyler Farr’s Powerful “I Should Go to Church Sometime” That Will Have You Reevaluating Your Weekend Plans

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Have you ever fallen instantly in love with a song? That’s how I’m feeling about Tyler Farr‘s “I Should Go to Church Sometime.

The reflective tune was written by Brinley Addington, Michael Hardy and Sarah Turner and has a powerful message that resonates with someone like myself, who tends to be overextended but has good intentions.

“I’m not exactly known for walking the ‘straight and narrow,’ but I have a strong conscience and I was taught right from wrong,” Tyler says.

Saw a man on the sidewalk /
“Hungry” written in red chalk /
Maybe he just wanted to talk /
But I walked away /
Saw a kid on the TV /
He was only seventeen /
Wrapped his truck ’round an oak tree /
The whole town prayed /
I should go to church sometime

“It’s something that we all face at some point,” Tyler adds. “What am I going to do? How am I going to act? What am I going to do today that’s different from yesterday? That decision is what this song is all about.”

I should go to church sometime /
Walk a little straighter line /
Lord knows I could use some light /
To get where I’m going /
I shouldn’t say “next Sunday” /
I shouldn’t let my pride get in the way /
I know I shouldn’t be afraid /
Of what I know I’ll find /
I should go to church sometime /
I sho
uld go to church sometime /