Tyler Hubbard’s Baby Girl Olivia Recognizing “Dada” on TV Might Be the Sweetest Thing You See Today

Tyler Hubbard daughter Olivia recognizes Dada on TV
Photo by Tammie Arroyo/AFF-USA.com

We love babies and, of course, we’re partial to the offspring of country music stars, but Olivia Hubbard, the 16 month—old daughter of Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard, has just taken cuteness to the next level.

Tyler and wife Hayley, along with the other half of Florida Georgia Line, Brian Kelley, and his gorgeous bride, Brittney, were in Las Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards, but sweet Olivia was left behind. However, whomever Tyler and Hayley entrusted with their daughter was making sure she still felt connected to Mom and Dad and had the TV tuned to the show.

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Now, it was the toddler’s suppertime and she was doing a fine job of feeding herself…and maybe the family pup until something caught her attention on the television. She looked up, captivated and declared “Da-da, Da-da” pointing towards the screen and flashing a dimpled smile. She then makes sure that her babysitter knows that her famous and proud pops is on the TV, and then she turns back to her meal…

…until she hears a guitar strum. Then she’s captivated again.

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Okay I’m crying 😭#dada

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It’s pretty much a no-brainer to understand why Tyler and Hayley are adding another little nugget to their family. Little Olivia is as precious as they get and seems to share her family’s passion for music, adventure, animals, and serving others. She has already visited Africa and met the elephants that her folks are so fond of.

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Next up for Olivia is welcoming her baby brother in August.