Tyler Hubbard Just Shared a Video of One of His Daughter’s First Laughs and We’re Crying

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Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard is in the business of bringing the happy tears these days, versus making us think about Fireball Whisky or cruising around. And that’s because he’s got this first-time dad this down pat.

Most recently, Tyler shared a video he received from wife Hayley of daughter Olivia Rose smiling and giggling. In the video, Hayley asks, “Do you want to say ‘hi’ to Daddy? Say ‘hi’ daddy! Can you give him a good smile? Do you miss him? So much? What do you want to say to him? You want to say ‘hi’? Hello! Tell him we’ve had so much fun today, but we really miss him. We miss you.”

I mean, I don’t even know this baby and I’m emotional over here. Obviously, Tyler is too. He shared the video with the caption, “The stuff that’ll change a man and make ya eyes water.”

Tyler also got to celebrate his birthday as a dad, with wife Hayley sharing, “Happy birthday to this super husband and super dad!! You truly are my better half @thubbmusic and the most loving, fun, and generous human I know. Each day together somehow gets better and better and I’m grateful I get to spend all my years with you ❤️ 1•31•2018.”