Tyler Hubbard is so Tired After Birth of His Son, Even Bacon Won’t Wake Him


Being the parent of a newborn is hard, no matter who you are or how long that newborn has been in the family. And when Mom or Dad finally do manage to catch a couple of winks, it can be difficult to rouse them from their slumber. Just ask Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard.

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Tyler and wife Hayley just welcomed baby Luca Reed on August 19 and Tyler has to be back on the road for a show on August 22. So, when he went down after Luca’s arrival, he went down hard. And not even bacon could rouse him.

The hit singer-songwriter shared a hilarious video on his Instagram and in it, we can see that he is beyond sound asleep. In fact, you can hear how deeply he is breathing. You can also see a hand waving a strip of bacon in front of his nose. No, not near his nose, but right up to it. And Tyler? His eyelids don’t even flicker.

In the caption, the dead tired daddy writes, “Having a baby is just exhausting. Hayley had been trying to wake me up for 20 minutes to help her out and If at 10am a piece of bacon won’t do it then nothing will. This was the third and final attempt. Haha.”

Bless! Get some rest Tyler.

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We’re still waiting for more pictures of baby Luca, especially that bound-to-be-precious pic of when big sister Olivia meets the newest addition to the family.