If You Watch Tyler Hubbard Chug His Wife Hayley’s Breast Milk You Will Never Look At Him the Same Again


A couple of weeks ago, Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard shared on Instagram that he was really loving his wife Hayley’s lactation cookies. He’s not the first guy I’ve seen eat them, so I didn’t think much of it. Until now.

Now, the guy who helped write the lyrics, “Victoria’s Secret ain’t a secret no more” and “Dayum, baby dayum, baby dayum” is also chugging actual breast milk.

Hayley Hubbard shared a video on Instagram showing Tyler borrow daughter Olivia Rose’s bottle and go to town on the breast milk. Hayley, off-camera, can be heard gasping and then ask, “does it taste good?”

Tyler’s verdict? He said, “it tastes like almond milk. Kind of.”

Hayley captioned the video, “When your husband takes trying your breastmilk to a whole new level.” Tyler shared the same video and said, “living my breast life.”

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Livin my breast life

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Tyler’s definitely doing this dad thing— changing diapers, supporting Hayley and all that, but Haley’s right– this is the next level.

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Talk about song inspiration.

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