Tyler Hubbard is Officially the Coolest Dad in Nashville After Showing How He Takes Daughter Olivia Rose For a Walk

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Tyler Hubbard is just a few months into this whole dad thing, but he seems to be on the right path. So far, we know Tyler is super on-hands and changing diapers, cleaning bottles, tasting breast milk and singing baby Olivia Rose to sleep, but there’s more!

Yes, Tyler has now become the coolest dad in Nashville because he’s thought of a whole new way to take his baby girl for a walk– he does it while skateboarding.

On Instagram, wife Hayley shared a video from Tyler saying, “I leave for 2 hours and this happens. Now walks with mom are going to be so lame.”

Now, this will become the ultimate dad move when he can figure out how to do this with dog Harley in tow, right?