Tyler Hubbard’s 1-Year-Old Daughter Olivia Befriends Elephants on African Vacation

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Tyler Hubbard Hayley Olivia African Elephants
Photo courtesy Tyler Hubbard Instagram

Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and his wife, Hayley, are currently on a memorable trip in Africa and they brought along their daughter Olivia for the fun. In several Instagram posts the couple share that Olivia has inherited their love for animals, especially elephants.

“She’s a Hubbard and loves her elephants for sure. Thanks @dswt for all you do and for
welcoming Liv to the family,” Tyler captions a precious photo of Olivia petting her new elephant friend.

While in Africa, the Hubbard family visited Sheldrick Wildlife Trust which serves as a haven for elephant orphans, rhinos and other animals. The organization aims for conservation, preservation and the protection of wildlife including anti-poaching and safe guarding the natural environment for Kenya’s threatened elephant and rhino populations.

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Both Tyler and Hayley have visited the area before but never with their one-year-old daughter. As Hayley explains, it was a special moment witnessing Olivia’s first visit together.

“The last time Olivia was here she was in my belly. We so love sharing this special place with her now that she’s here with us,” Hayley gushes on Instagram. “But mostly our love for elephants, nature, and this beautiful planet we call home. We can already tell she has a deep love and excitement for elephants, in particular and it’s so sweet!”

While Olivia shared her newfound love of elephants with her parents, she wasn’t as keen on the giraffes. Her mother, however, more than made up for this and is even shown kissing one.

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“Liv wasn’t too fond of the giraffes… but her mama sure was. #frenchkissinginafrica,” Tyler
captions two photos of his wife and daughter visiting with a giraffe and Hayley planting a kiss on one herself.