13 Songs for When You Feel Like Giving Up


We’ve all had bad days. Maybe your had a run in with a co-worker or maybe you stubbed your toe getting out of bed and things got worse from there. It happens.

If you’re anything like me, when you’re in one of these moods you like to blare some upbeat songs with the windows as you drive slightly over the speed limit (drive safely, kids).

Or maybe, also like me, you’re belting them out at the top of your lungs while you ugly cry and drink red wine. No judging.

But here are 13 songs to help you get through a tough time:

1. “The Cape”

2. “If You’re Going Through Hell”

3. “I’m Gonna Be Somebody”

4. “Second Wind”

5. “Lemon Drop”

6. “Better Days”

7. “A Little Bit Stronger”

8. “This Time Around”

9. “I Just Got Back From Hell”

10. “Country Strong”

11. “There’s More to Me Than You”

12. “How Do You Like Me Now”

13. “It Happens”