Walker Hayes’ New Single “Craig” is the Most Encouraging, Uplifting Song You’ll Hear This Year


Walker Hayes’ path to country music stardom hasn’t been typical by any means– he had a deal, lost it, worked at Costco, got sober, started releasing songs for free, got a new deal and there’s that whole thing with the six kids (another one on the way). All of this to say, Hayes’ newest single, “Craig” is anything but typical. While country music is filled with songs about faith and family, more often than not those tunes tend to pander to the audience rather than start a conversation. That’s why “Craig” is so different.

Hayes told The Highway, “one of the most fun parts about this song is talking to him, talking to people’s reactions about it… we’re just scratching the surface on what this song is going to propel in society… and deep conversations with fans. Today, we could use light shed on those beautiful things. I think a lot of light is shed on the dark stuff because that’s what sells. There are people like Craig out there that we need to applaud.”

“Craig” Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
I met Craig at a church called Redeeming Grace
Like he understood my “I don’t want to be here” face
I felt out of place and I smelled like beer
But he just shook my hand, said “I’m glad you’re here”
He said “we’ll all be judged”
But he was never judgemental
And even though my songs don’t belong in no hymnal
He’d quote me my lyrics, slap me on the back
Said “Man you’ve got a gift! How you write like that?”

I know, he sounds cool right?
Not your typical kid from Sunday School, right?
I still ain’t figured out church yet
But Craig, I get
Nah he can’t walk on water, turn the Napa Valley red
But he just might be tight with a man that did
Yeah he’s not the light of the world
But I wish that mine was bright as his
Yeah he just might be tight with a man that is

[Verse 2]
You lose a record deal, all the perks fade fast
Dealership said, “We’re going to need to get that mini-van back”
So we were down on one car
And broke as I felt
My wife and six kids with only five seat belts
I needed help but couldn’t admit, I was strong
Said, “Craig, it’s all good”
But he knew it all wasn’t
A “Hey man I’m praying for you” would’ve been sufficient but nah
He took roadside assistance to a
Whole other level, to sacrificial heights
Showed up at the ballpark after my son’s game one night
In two cars, with his wife Barb watching from the other
Said “What in the world are y’all doing here, brother?”
He just laughed inside that old Chrysler Town and Country van
With the keys, and a title, and a pen in his hand
Said “Man, all you got to do is sign and it’s yours”
I said “No, no way”
But he wouldn’t take “No” for an answer
Said “Please do
Somebody did this for me once, just let me do this for you”
We argued about it for a little while
Then I teared up, and Craig smiled

[Verse 3]
My pride was way too ashamed to be adequately grateful at the moment
But I signed the dotted line, and I drove the kids home
And when the cop pulled up beside us
At the light, they didn’t have to duck
Because thanks to Craig
They were all buckled up

Hayes recently performed a stripped-down version of “Craig” on the Bobby Bones show. The song is featured on Hayes’ debut album, boom.