Walker Hayes’ “Halloween” is About to Be Your New Favorite Song (If You’re Into Emotional Stability and Self-Awareness)


Walker Hayes isn’t your typical Nashville singer-songwriter. Not too long ago he had a record deal, lost it and ended up working at Costco. There’s more to his story, like how he struggled with drinking, got sober, was still writing songs while working the graveyard shift at Costco, but all you really need to know is that Walker Hayes is the real deal.

When Shane McAnally and Jason Owen relaunched Monument Records under Sony, Hayes was the first artist they signed. He’s now opening up for Thomas Rhett’s Home Team Tour and you’ve probably heard his tunes on a number of Spotify lists, the Highway or the Bobby Bones Show. There’s “You Broke Up With Me,” “Dollar Store,” “Shades” or the heartbreakingly real “Beer in the Fridge.”

Hayes is an eclectic mix of Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz with some Keith Urban and John Mayer sprinkled in. His song lyrics are so honest and real when you listen to certain songs it feels like all those times you’ve listened to a church sermon and thought, “is he talking about me?”

His latest realness comes in the form of “Halloween,” but this isn’t some wonky Lonely Island “Saturday Night Live” skit.

Hayes wrote the love song about his wife Laney (they also have six children) with the help of Nicolle Galyon (“Automatic,” “We Were Us,” “All The Pretty Girls,” “Smooth”). It’s about being in love with someone you can be yourself around. The masks are off and the skeletons are out of the closet.

Hayes told TooFab.com, “When we wrote it, we thought of how nice it is to meet that person that you don’t have to sell yourself to constantly or try hard around. You could be exactly who you are, and it’s extremely freeing to meet that person. For me personally, that’s Laney, my wife. I always wanted to write a love song for her,” he added, “but one that was different and articulated how special she really is to me and how safe I feel around her. It’s cliché, but I always tell her she’s my favorite, ya know? She’s my best friend, and Halloween is a unique way of saying that.”

It’s definitely not your typical love song, but Walker Hayes isn’t your typical Nashville guy with a typical Nashville story.

That’s what makes him so good.

“Halloween Lyrics”

“Halloween” is available on Hayes’ upcoming album boom.