Walker Hayes Recalls the First Day He Met His Wife With Adorable Throwback Photo for Valentine’s Day


We may just be discovering Walker Hayes through is current hit, “You Broke Up With Me,” but his wife, Laney, has been by his side since they were little kids.

For Valentine’s day, Walker posted grade school class photos of he and his wife with a caption that read, “Class pictures from the year me and my valentine met… Happy Valentines Day, Laney.”

Cue the collective, “Awww.”

The singer credits his wife for supporting him through the lean times they’ve shared, always giving her the credit for seeing his full potential.

“She has a way of looking at me and remembering what’s best about me … even though it’s nowhere close to coming out,” Walker told People. “Her faith in my gifts and my talents are beyond my own faith in them.”

Walker and his wife met in grade school and became high school sweethearts who saw the fairy tale come true. The couple married and are now expecting their seventh child this year. Walker announced that they were expecting the new baby just before the CMA awards in November.

“I got news, guys … No. 7 is on the way,” Walker revealed to “The Bobby Bones Show.” “We’re losing-our-minds excited.”

Looks like they got their happy ending.