Walker Hayes Shares Love For Wife Laney in New Single “Don’t Let Her” [Listen]

Walker Hayes honors wife Laney in new song Don't let her
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If you want to fall in love with love all over again, just listen to the way Walker Hayes talks (and sings) about his wifey Laney in his latest single “Don’t Let Her.”

The father of six is sharing a sneak peek into his relationship with his wife of 15 years. Written by Walker, Andrew DeRoberts and Shane McAnally,”Don’t Let Her,” is a love letter of sorts, written to the man that would take Walker’s place if, God forbid, anything ever happened to him.

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“I start most of my songs alone, which is why they have such a quirky element to them. This song is still quirky, but it just came from personal—just emotions and feelings,” Walker shares with One Country. ” It was kind of a spiderweb of emotions, just meeting in the middle. I was out of town. I was missing Laney and my kids a lot, you know? Just missing them so bad. And that’s where I get my inspiration to write. That’s just where I recharge my batteries.”

Walker continues, “I was on the road in the UK and I had been gone for about two weeks and I just started thinking about Laney and how much I miss her. Laney and I met in 11th grade and we’ve always played the, ‘Hey, what would you do if something happened to me?’ game. And you know, I started thinking about that and how if you really love somebody, you would want them to eventually move on. Even though people play that game and they love to say that cliche of, ‘I would never love again.’ It’s a letter to whoever would basically take my place if, God forbid, something did happen to me. It’s weird to me that it’s called ‘Don’t Let Her’ because it is a letter.”

In the catchy tune, Walker reveals a list of qualities he loves about his wife, letting the next guy know how to take care of her, along with a twist of asking that new guy not to allow her to miss him.

She don’t give 2 cents about money / Likes a little coffee in her honey / Let her sleep late as she wants / Home is her favorite restaurant / Don’t you dare come home if you’re hammered / Better watch your mouth and your grammar / She loves babies, hates glitter / You better shave before you kiss her / And if she ever misses me, please, don’t let her,” Walker sings in the chorus.

“I wrote that chorus and I texted it to Laney and she just responded overwhelmingly,” Walker reveals. “Laney is a great barometer because she is kind of used to my creative abilities and so it takes a lot to impress her or to move that needle if you will. And she loved it. I think she was flattered by the specifics that I knew about her.”

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We know how Walker feels about his wife moving on, but how would Laney react when faced with the question of wanting Walker to fall in love again.

“I think she would just be honest and say the thought of that—human nature it’s to say no— that’s why you love to hear when someone says they’ll never love again,” shares Walker. “That means they think loving you was the pinnacle. And that there’s no use in even trying to duplicate or to replace that. But I mean, I think honestly, she would want me to find somebody that loves our kids and that loves me for who I am. And someone also that has a little bit of respect for what she and I had. After 15 years of marriage and 22 years of being together, Laney and I had something magnificent if it all ended tomorrow. And so I think someone would have to understand that a piece of me would remain with her and would miss her. But no,  she would absolutely want me to eventually move on. She would say, ‘I don’t want you to have a party like the night I die or anything, but you know…”

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“Don’t Let Her” is Walker’s latest release following his Top 10 hit “You Broke Up With Me” and “Craig,” featured on his debut album boom, as well as “90s Country.” It’s also the first song he’s every written for his wife. And if you didn’t think love existed before, just listen to how Walker gushes about Laney when asked to describe her.

“Laney is my complete opposite,” Walker begins. “She is very level headed. She is unbelievably strong, never dramatic, tolerance for pain is ridiculous. She is extremely patient. She’s not like a fireball. She’s just very steady and she’s a great companion. She’s a great hang. She’s got some southern sweetness in her, but it’s not pretentious. She doesn’t turn it on. It’s just there. She just was absolutely born to raise kids. Watching her mother  and just seeing that from the front row seat, it’s got to be like watching Michael Jordan play basketball or Tiger Woods play golf or Serena play tennis. It’s just unreal and how gifted she is. She’s an amazing person. I’m so lucky to have found her as early as I did. I knew she was my best friend. The second we kind of began hanging out, I just knew there was something about our relationship that was just very special and different.”

Cue the Awww’s.

“Don’t Let Her” may be about Walker’s wife, but the message is not lost on fans. The relatable song, that has you asking the question What if?, has hit a chord with audiences and it shows by the reaction Walkee’s getting when playing the song on tour.

“I just felt like the minute this one came out of the gate, crowds latched onto it,” Walker says. “For instance, when I just say, ‘Hey, I’m going to play my new single. I have a new single on radio. It’s called ‘Don’t Let Her.’ The crowd goes berserk. This song has kind of a life of its own that I haven’t experienced with any song yet. So I’m excited. I really am excited about the song’s future.”

So are we Walker, so are we.

Check out the Lyric video for “Don’t Let Her,” which includes throwback photos of Walker and Laney throughout their relationship, below.