Watch Natalie Stovall Sing and Fiddle the Best Version of “Amazing Grace” We’ve Ever Heard

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Natalie Stovall may be a new name to the country music world, but the incredibly talented vocalist and fiddler has been stunning audiences with her musical genius for years.

At just 4-years-old, Natalie picked up a violin for the first time and it immediately became something she was passionate about. When she was 10-years-old, Natalie auditioned for a kids show at Opryland USA in Nashville. When she got there, she expected to only be required to play her fiddle, but she soon realized all the other kids were singing as well. With nothing prepared, Natalie sang “Happy Birthday,” but with her talent and ability to perform, the song choice didn’t really matter and she got the gig.

That audition set Natalie on a path of performance and launched her career as the beautifully talented fiddling songstress she is today.

Last summer, Natalie performed “Amazing Grace” on the Bobby Bones Show and it was absolutely amazing. Bobby recently replayed the song and listeners everywhere re-freaked out over it. It’s just that beautiful.

Image Source: CMA