We’re Loving Love and Theft



We love discovering new artists, and while we wouldn’t dream of claiming to be the first to notice Love and Theft, there are still too many people who do not yet know about this amazing band. The ACM-nominated country duo, aka Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson, is celebrating the release of their second studio album, but in a lot of ways it feels like the first. The self-titled Love and Theft is the first project the pair have done with RCA Records.

“We feel like people will be hearing us for the first time,” says Eric. “The history of RCA Records is incredible. Just knowing that we are on the same label as some of our biggest influences, like Elvis Presley, is an awesome feeling.”

Although the two have very different looks, they come together in perfect unity in music.

“We sound like brothers when we sing,” says Eric. “Stephen and I have always been on the same page as far as the vision for the band, and we feel like we have made the record we’ve always wanted to make.”

We have a feeling these two will make a lot more records together. If you want to have an insta-crush, check out the video for “If You Ever Get Lonely.”