What Did Cole Swindell Say?


I thought I had a genius idea.

I was transcribing an interview between our very own Kelly Sutton and Cole Swindell and it was taking me forever. So, I thought why don’t I use the dictation feature on my iPhone to transcribe what Cole is saying?

He talks fast. Computers compute fast. I thought it was the perfect solution to save me from stopping and starting the interview over and over.

Instead, the dictation tool — which I’m going to refer to generically as Siri — had a pretty difficult time doing the job.

For instance, this bit of the interview:

Came out:

“I just always been a part of Chesney, with all them cars going back to Publix and is in college towns and that this was the Coolio that supposed to come to Georgia Southern my part-time summer happen, and I to show that canceled but I just remember thinking how about he was a shop where I actually call me up on stage and Leslie and I got a thing with him so we called it even.”

Makes a lot of sense right? Yeah, that’s supposed to be:

“I always heard of Chesney, when I was in college, going back and doing little pop up shows in college towns and that was just the coolest,” he said. “He was supposed to come to Georgia Southern, my college town, and something happen and the show got canceled. Actually, he called me up on stage last year and I got to sing with him, so we called it even.”

So, who’s Leslie, Siri?