What Does Reba and Brooks and Dunn’s Handwriting Say About Them?

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The Las Vegas Sun recently asked handwriting expert Grace Thompson to look at the signatures of some of country’s biggest stars, who coincidentally start up their Vegas residency again next month, and see what their handwriting reveals about the.

“Honesty is at the core of who she is,” Thompson said of Reba McEntire. “Very down to earth and strives to be that way even with her fame. She embraces fullness of life and seeks to learn lessons daily. She does not need much to be whole but needs to be loved unconditionally. Super intelligent but does not show it.

“Spirituality is important to her,” she added. “Her handwriting has changed from the past to the present, and using her first name now means many of the issues in her past are gone. She is really OK with who she is now and has come full circle.”

That desire for new adventures was also present in Kix Brooks’ penmanship.

“Sees his life to be a long and winding road, loves to embrace life and try new things,” she wrote. “You will never figure him out, as he can be secretive and sometimes a mystery man. He is pretty gutsy and will try anything once. He is only afraid of one thing: to make a musical mistake that falls short of what he is trying to deliver.

“He lives a life in rhythm all the time, which is the core of his spirit,” she continued. “He is the ultimate survivor, resilient, clever and insightful, mega-talented, can do many things, always a leader. Loves music above all else. It is the blood in his veins. A happy person who likes to make people happy.”

She also had kind words for Ronnie Dunn. “A one-of-a-kind man, a real original,” she said. “Thrives on harmony, sacrificing and caring. A great healer with words, protective teacher. He is a living boomerang, very compassionate, and his life is a constant blessing.

“There is a perfect triangle in his name that connects body, mind and the spiritual. He is very clean and orderly. Neatness and order in his life are almost an obsession.”