William Michael Morgan Thinks We All Need to Go “Missing” From Time to Time

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William Michael Morgan‘s career is on the rise, with his first single “I Met a Girl” hitting the top spot on the charts.

His next single, “Missing,” is an upbeat tune about getting away from the world.

“Life will beat you down and I think everybody’s gotta get ‘Missing’ sometimes,” WMM told One Country. “People have their own way of being ‘Missing.’ Sometimes it’s being in their own house with their phone turned off. Sometimes it’s being in the woods hunting. Sometimes it’s soaking up some sun on the beach. Everybody’s got their own form of being ‘Missing’ to just escape the world for a little bit.”

WMM finds solace in several things, including his daughter Presley.

“My form would be out on the water somewhere, or with my daughter, or with my girlfriend, or playing my guitar on stage somewhere,” he said. “I step out of the real world for a little bit. It will beat a man and a woman down.”

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