William Michael Morgan Explains That Ring He’s Been Rocking Since Proposing to Jennifer Wayne


Over the holiday season, William Michael Morgan proposed to Runaway June singer Jennifer Wayne.

Not long after, we began to notice that the “I Met a Girl” singer was wearing a ring on a very important finger. One Country had the opportunity to chat with William recently and we didn’t miss our chance to ask about the accessory.

And, no, they didn’t not run off and get married.

“We ain’t gonna sneak off,” he told One Country. “My mom and dad would kill me if we did that. Her mom and dad would kill her, if she did that.”

“I wear it just because I love her,” he explains. “The way I put it is because she gets two rings. I got her two rings. Why does she get to wear both of hers and I don’t get to wear any? It’s not fair!”

He also revealed that while they haven’t settled on a date just yet, he does know they’ll have a destination wedding at the end of the year or beginning of 2018.

“We have a time, because it’s the only time we have off, after Christmas to the second to third week of January,” he reveals.