Willie Nelson Still Isn’t Dead After Another Hoax Sweeps the Internet


Willie Nelson is alive! Rejoice!

This morning, I saw someone post on Facebook that Willie Nelson had died over the weekend. My heart stopped. Not Willie! The person who posted this wasn’t someone to post things without checking them out. Heck, he managed Tammy Wynette back in the day. He was a credible source.

Except for the fact that he wasn’t. Willie Nelson is alive and well.

“Willie [Nelson] is so used to being killed off by the internet that he just laughs it off now,” an insider told
HollywoodLife.com. “It seems like every other week another death hoax pops up, and he takes it all in stride. His family is more hurt by the rumors, but it’s like water off a duck’s back to Willie. He has a wicked sense of humor, and he’s still very much alive and kicking.”

Apparently, the rumor that resurfaced was the same that he wrote a song about — which was released earlier this year — he was found unresponsive by his groundskeeper on the front lawn of his Maui home.

Of course, thanks to his music we do know what Willie would want us to do in the event of his death.