It’s Willie Nelson Against The World In His New “Me And You”


Willie Nelson may be one of the oldest active country musicians, but he isn’t looking to retire anytime soon. His new music has taken an honest look at mortality, love, and work. In his most recent release, “Me and You,” he laments the state of the world, loyalty, and tries to figure out how to make lasting change in the world.

The wry tune comes from Nelson’s forthcoming Last Man Standing, due to hit shelves in late April. It chronicles a lost friendship lost over political differences.

More and more I can’t relate to him/

’cause he ain’t got a lick of sense/

The world has gone out of its mind/

except for me and you./

The sad lyrics are backed by an upbeat tempo, almost daring you to dance. Celebrate the close relationships you have, Nelson seems to say, because they are rare.

It’s just me and you/

And we’re definitely outnumbered/

There’s more of them than us/

Just when you think you’ve made a new friend/

They throw you under the bus/

So it’s just me and you.