33-Minute Discussion Between Kacey, Cam, Maren, Mickey, Margo and Aubrie is Worth Every Second of Your Time

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“For a while, it was like, just kind of the standard to just have a pretty face and a big voice and now, I don’t feel like that’s as important. I feel like what you’re saying it more important,” Kacey Musgraves said in the opening 90 seconds of the fiercest, most passionate roundtable discussion to ever take place in Nashville.

Billboard gathered Kacey Musgraves, Cam, Maren Morris, Mickey Guyton, Margo Price and Aubrie Sellers for a conversation about the “highly competitive, male-dominated industry in which they live and work.”

The group, collectively, is as diverse as they are alike.

The ladies also took a deep dive into the presidential election, Dolly Parton, and cuss words.

If these six women got together more often, we might be talking about elections in a whole different way.

(All photos by @MillerMobley for Billboard)