Woody Harrelson Started Smoking Again Because of Willie Nelson and He Owes Him A Lot of Money Because of Poker

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Woody Harrelson tried to quit smoking weed and it worked for a little while-- until Willie Nelson convinced him to pick it back up.

I don’t know much about weed, but I know Willie Nelson loves it and has his own strand called Willie’s Reserve. Hollywood legend Woody Harrelson, who also happens to be Willie’s neighbor in Hawaii also knows how much the outlaw loves weed, so when he quit smoking cannabis a few years ago, he made a public declaration out of it.

The announcement fell on deaf ears with his famous neighbor because not long after Woody said quit, he started again– with Willie’s Reserve. Wood told Ellen Degeneres, “I did quit, but then I ran into this fellow named Willie… I quit for almost two years. No smoking, no vaping. Every once in a while you might have something edible. I’m not a nun…”


While that story isn’t that shocking (because even Snoop Dogg has said Willie is the only person who can out smoke him), Woody’s story about legendary poker games with Willie is.

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My main man Willie. Candid shot

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In an interview during “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Woody revealed that he has lost so many poker games to Willie that he was able to help fun a new wing on Willie’s Hawaiian mansion. And that’s why he has to do blockbuster movies like “Solo: A Star Wars Story” to cover his debt.