Zac Brown Brings Kids (and School) on the Road

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Family is important to Zac Brown, who has four daughters — Joni Mason, Georgia Sloan, Lucy and Justice — and a son, Alexander Frost.

Being the frontman of the Zac Brown Band can mean months on the road away from the ones you love.

Zac has found a way to balance his responsibilities to his fans and those to his family.

“Family comes out whenever you know we know it’s gonna be steady on a run that’s continuous,” Zac says. “If I’m chartering in and out and flying home at four in the morning or three in the morning after I play and then drive to the airport, that doesn’t make sense. But where we can bus and go there then we’ll bring the family out and get to spend time with them during the day. We home school our girls and part of what we’re doing this year and when we go to the you know to the north east is kinda doing an American History tour and so some of their history that they’re gonna be learning is right there on the sites of where it actually happened.”

What an awesome experience for those kiddos!

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Wishing Zac a very happy birthday today! 🎉

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