Zac Brown Sues Songland Star and OneRepublic Front Man Ryan Tedder


Oh boy. Speaking of The Controversy (the title of Zac Brown’s album), it looks like Zac Brown is about to be tied up in one. The frontman for his namesake Zac Brown Band is suing Songland coach and OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder and the reasons are complicated and a bit tricky.

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Let’s try to boil this down:

According to Yahoo Entertainment, Ryan sent a “start” (“The Start”) of a recording to Zac in March with the intention that it would be incorporated into a new piece of music written or co- written.

The result is the song “Nowhere Left to Go” (or “Dance On Me”).

Allegedly, Zac was to have control over what parts of “The Start” would be included in his song, along with how it would be finished and when it would be released. Purportedly, Zac attempted to reach Ryan several times to work on the song to no avail.

Yahoo reports that Zac sent Ryan the completed version of “Nowhere Left to Go” on June 3, 2019, and received a reply claiming that the Defendant, Ryan, didn’t realize that Zac was finishing the song and that he had told Diplo that he could use “The Start” to create his own composition.

The report goes on to say that a representative for Ryan approached Zac’s management team and asked them to delay releasing “Nowhere Left to Go” until Diplo could release his composition in August, either before or simultaneously with Zac’s album.

Since Zac’s album didn’t have a release date until September, it sounds as if it wasn’t an issue. However, in August, it is reported that Ryan’s reps once again reached out to Zac’s team to say that Diplo’s song wouldn’t be ready and allegedly asked them to postpone the release of The Controversy again.

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It sounds as if the wheels were already in motion, though, and after The Controversy dropped on its scheduled released date. Apparently, Ryan issued “takedown notices” claiming the song committed copyright infringement. The album was removed from digital retail outlets, but has re-emerged on some sites minus “Nowhere Left to Go” among the tracks. However, with a limited digital release, Zac is claiming that his royalties and payments have now been affected.

Stay tuned.