Zac Brown’s Sir Rosevelt Releases Laid-Back “Something ‘Bout You” Video And We’re Feeling Good


When Zac Brown and friends Ben Simonetti and Niko Moon, started the trio Sir Rosevelt, no one knew what kind of music we’d get. But since the debut almost five months ago, we like what we hear.

The southern pop sounding trio released the laid back toe-tapping “Something Bout You.” Exactly what Zac Brown Band would sound like, with a pop bend. Today, the Zac, Ben and Niko are releasing the feel-good video for the song.

Directed by and starring Indy Blue, a youtube star/blogger, the video shows Indy enjoying life’s moments in different areas around the world. Zac, Niko and Ben are nowhere to be seen in the video because Indy shot the travel log in 2017 for her own Youtube channel.

As Indy romps across the world,  Zac sings “There’s something ‘bout you, you. And all the little things that you do, do Girl. I can’t explain it. No matter how hard I try to put my finger on it. There’s just something ‘bout you.”

Explaining the zen of the video, ZBB took to Instagram to share a clip. “Get lost in wanderlust in the brand new video for ‘Something Bout You’ from @sirrosevelt, featuring @indyblue_!”

As we reported earlier, Sir Rosevelt is not taking the place of Zac Brown Band. There is room for both. “Sir Rosevelt is a new chapter in addition to Zac Brown Band,” said Zac in a statement. “A new outlet for creativity, connection and art. Get ready.”

Here we go.