Zac Brown Band Releases Ultra-Intense “Remedy” Music Video


Zac Brown Band has released the first installment of their three-part video series called “The Remedy Series.” It’s a trio of short films with songs from the band’s Jekyll + Hyde album interwoven into the videos. The mini-movie was produced by Diego Pernía, an award-winning film and advertising director.

The first of the trio is intense, but highly pragmatic. Not shying away from hitting the issue of alcoholism head on, the series begins with a tough-to-watch argument between a mother and her daughter. We quickly learn that the mother is an alcoholic that is struggling to find identity in her issue, while her daughter, trying to help her mother, is struggling to get through.

After some violent and careless words are exchanged, her mother tells the daughter, “I don’t need you. Get out,” which ends the scene. Following the exchange, her daughter leaves the house, gets in an old truck and heads into a small, abandoned town with the exception of an older lady who comes out of a store. The daughter gets out of the truck and begins to run towards a fire at the end of the street, then the video flashes back to (assumedly) the daughter at a much younger age, talking to a farmer who has scars on his arm.

The whole video is intense, with the background of the song “Remedy” guiding the plot. The song itself, with lyrics like,

“Pray to be stronger and wiser

Know you get what you give

Love one another

Amen (Amen), Amen”

give us a shimmer of light in a very dark six-minute film.

In the description on the youtube channel where the video is displayed, the band says, “When communication becomes impossible, the heritage of your ancestors, forgiveness and love, are the only way to heal.”