Country Music Game-Changer: Kacey Musgraves


Eight Second Angel boots is proud to honor the roots of country music and the hard-working, independent women who played a part in making country music what it is today. 

Kacey Musgraves is a modern-day traditionalist who delivered a ground-breaking album with her gold-selling Same Trailer Different Park, ultimately going on to win Best Country Album at the 2014 Grammy Awards. She also swept Best Country Song with “Merry Go Round” (co-written with Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally), and rightfully so. Her John Prine-spun way of addressing the contemporary female (“Step Off”), relationships (“Keep It to Yourself,” “Back on the Map”) and small-town life (“Blowin’ Smoke”) sets her apart from the sea of female faces vying for control of the conversation. With a lilting, Loretta Lynn-hewn vocal, the singer-songwriter digs her cowgirl boots into the Texas red-dirt way of living—projecting an authentically badass approach to her music. While possessing a similar style to fellow Texan Miranda Lambert, Musgraves‘ piercing perspective is far more left-field (and bolder in themes, too). Even her sophomore album lead-in “Biscuits” contains that witty charm and succinctly structured story arc and musicality.

Musgraves sets her own trends, breaks them and rebuilds them in cool new ways. As her first-ever Top 10 Hot Country Songs anthem “Follow Your Arrow” goes, there’s no sure-fire way of pinning her down or defining what she’ll do next. “The Trailer Song,” which the singer dropped last year as a treat to her fans (after having performed it countless times in concert), is another demonstration of her talents with honing and crafting a powerful hook-fused lyric that is like a shock to the heart and sits comfortably on the eardrums. Her messages of empowerment are timeless.

When the mainstream format continues to fail to develop strong new female acts, Musgraves has sought after outside opportunities to grow her fan base. Last summer, she joined pop singer Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour on a slew of dates, ultimately proving that she could make believers out of bubblegum pop fans. She also performed on dates for Willie Nelson and Alison Krauss, widening her audience to include outlaw and bluegrass loyalists. Looking back at history, the most genre-defying and ground-breaking legends are the ones whose music speaks louder on a more universal level. Musgraves, like so many females before her, dares to be bold, honest and real in both her music and public persona.

That’s what makes a true game-changer.

Image Source: CMA