10 Greatest Southern Rock Bands of All-Time


Try and define the term Southern Rock. It’s not so easy, is it? Southern Rock is a genre with a rich history. Even at its best, it’s still moving forward, shifting, and ever-changing. So any list attempting to label the 10 Greatest Southern Rock Bands will always seem fickle and incomplete — as if the choices were in a catalog of potential acquisitions that are both experiential as well as material. I have taken the liberty of assembling some fine possibilities.

1. The Allman Brothers

The Allman Brothers Band was a true brotherhood of players — one that went beyond bloodlines, race and ego. What a thing of beauty it was. Duane Allman is one of the few guitarists where as soon as you heard him, you knew instantly who was playing— a recognizable, distinct personality that came alive in every song played. Then there was his kid brother, Gregg — his keyboard playing, along with his singing, had a mysterious richness, a soulful hum, that added to the bands never-ending spectrum of sound.

The Allman Brothers respected the roots of their music, and they continued to interpret the form in their own approach. They took something old and made something new. They created a following that grew and grew, and they did it without compromising themselves, or the music they represented. They bucked the system and encouraged their fans to do the same— to be free thinkers.