10 Hottest Founding Fathers

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In 1973, author and historian Richard Morris identified seven Founding Fathers as key figures in America’s fight for independence. Morris listed John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington, and though I agree with his findings, for this list I’ve also added John Hancock, Paul Revere, and Sam Adams.

Each man’s accomplishments as a Founding Father could stand on their own, but could their looks? Sam Adams has a beer named after him and he’s not even on the label. Benjamin Franklin was supposedly a ladies’ man, but he wouldn’t get too far on many dating sites today. It’s time to settle this once and for all, who were the hottest Founding Fathers?

10 Hottest Founding Fathers:

10. Benjamin Franklin

I love a man who isn’t afraid to fly a kite in a lightning storm and loves to send mail the old-fashioned way, but Benjamin Franklin’s hair needs a deep-conditioning treatment ASAP.

9. Sam Adams

Sure, he’s a smarty with that Harvard degree of his, but Sam Adams just kind of looks like a guy who would break down your door to help you with your math homework. If he were still around today he would be the guy to always get mad when you call “Star Trek,” “Star Wars” on accident.

8. John Adams

This particular Adams family fared well in the development of countries, but not in great heads of hair. John Adams was a writer, lawyer and proud husband. But, he needs to find a way to make the center of his head stand out in portraits the way it does. The outfit is stellar though.

7. John Jay

John Jay, in a weird way, looks like a young George Washington. But, what’s with the…cloak? Robe? Rug? I like a man who isn’t afraid to make a fashion statement, but this one seems like it’d be hard to fit in the car.

6. Paul Revere

When people saw Paul Revere roaming the streets of Boston they said, “now, that’s a face I’d put on a beer bottle.” The rest is history.

5. Patrick Henry

Here’s a guy so passionate about liberty, but so chill when it comes to his official portrait. Patrick totally forgot to take his glasses off his head for his sitting and now, we have this. The turtleneck brings out his eyes.

4. John Hancock

John Hancock played the mysterious part during this painting, but that big ole signature told us enough about him. He was a hottie with a helmeted head of hair.

3. Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was so dashing and smart they gave him a giant monument in Washington D.C. away from all the other monuments so they wouldn’t get jealous. Plus, he was really into wine.

2. George Washington

George was a tall farmer, with a servant’s heart. What’s not to love?

1. Alexander Hamilton

The founder of the Federalist Party and George Washington’s chief aide, Alexander Hamilton, has always been a favorite of mine, but his face on the $10 bill should be framed. What a babe! A great head of hair, impeccable style and a lover of the United States Treasury, Hamilton is by far the hottest Founding Father.

Image Source: Wikimedia