11 Times The Kardashians Were Real Country

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The Kardashians are the most famous, un-famous family in the world. Other than say, the Royal Family, these people have done nothing more than just be around to get famous. These days, they’re everywhere and seem to be super Hollywood, but like everyone, they’ve got a little country in ’em.

Times The Kardashians Were Real Country:

1. When they were day drinkin’, da-da-da-da-day drinkin’.

2. When they went to a concert in college. Probably Shania.

3. When they wore their Carhartt out to dinner.

4.When they discovered that camo had no season.

5. When denim-on-denim with boots was the only way to go.

6. When they got into ponies.

7. When they forgot to mow before the big Easter egg hunt. Tick check!

8. When they loved Taylor, but then probably decided they didn’t.

9. When they decorated their yard like Kacey Musgraves.

10. When they went out to get a little mud on the tires.

11. And the time they wanted a truck.

Image Source: Instagram