13 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were From Arkansas

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Citizens of Arkansas know all about their hometown heroes, but even they may be surprised by some of the celebrities on this list who hail from “The Natural State.”

Glen Campbell

How could the Rhinestone Cowboy be born anywhere else than a town called Delight?

Johnny Cash

Before he was the Man in Black and images of him flipping the bird were on every hipster’s too-tight t-shirt, Johnny Cash was born in Kingsland and raised in Dyess. (Most of the biopic “Walk the Line” was also shot in Arkansas.)

Bill Clinton

Even John Grisham couldn’t have written it better. A boy is born to a single mother in a town aptly called Hope, Arkansas. He works hard and makes it all the way to the White House. It’s the American dream on steroids.

Al Green

The smooth sounds of Al Green’s pleas to keep him company all started in Forrest City.

John Grisham

Speak of the devil. He specializes in books about lawyers from the South. Fitting, since he’s a lawyer born in Jonesboro.

George Hamilton

He wasn’t always spending most of his time in the spray tan booth. He was raised in Blytheville and has been quoted saying he will be buried there.

Josh Lucas

Remember when he was so darling in “Sweet Home Alabama”? His southern came naturally since he’s a native of Little Rock.

George Newbern

He’s the baby-faced nice guy you recognize from so many shows and movies and he kind of reminds you of your neighbor. And he would have been so if you lived in Little Rock when he was growing up.

Joe Nichols

We know what you’re thinking, because that’s what we’re thinking. An Arkansas list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Joe Nichols being from Rogers.

Mary Steenburgen

Known for her lilting Southern accent and subtle comedic timing, Mary was born in Newport.

Billy Bob Thornton

This actor, filmmaker, and singer-songwriter is a native of Hot Springs and also spent time in Alpine and Malvern.

Joey Lauren Adams

Her distinct voice has been a blessing and burden for this Arkansas native born in Little Rock and raised in Sherwood.

Kris Allen

He may be an “American Idol,” but he was born in Jacksonville and raised in Conway.

Image Source: PR Photos, BigStock