15 Oldies Jams to Liven Up Your Workday (Playlist)


The only thing worse than the monotony of the daily grind is the monotony of a stale and overplayed playlist. We’ve all gambled on a Spotify playlist or a Pandora station that looks promising, only to feel regret, frustration, and disappointment three songs in. Ain’t nobody got time to keep searching for playlists all day.

Feeling defeated on your noble quest to get in your productive zone, you end up going back to the same old, same old. We’ve all been there. Crafting the perfect playlist for your workday is no small task. This list needs to be upbeat but not Miami night club, catchy but not distracting, relatively cheery lest you’re reminded that you’re still at work and drift into an existential crisis, and clean enough that if you happen to sing a few of the words, you won’t have an HR report filed for your ‘unprofessional’ language.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel– look no further than these 15 oldie hits that you likely know and love!

15 Oldies Jams to Liven Up Your Workday:

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