15 Reasons We Love “Fixer Upper” Star Joanna Gaines


There’s a popular meme circulating right now that says, “In a world of Kardashians, Be a Joanna Gaines.”

Now, while we don’t know the “Fixer Upper” star Joanna Gaines personally, people love her for completely wholesome reasons. She’s talented, she helps people, she’s a family girl, and she loves her husband — just to name a few.

She’s earned the spotlight because she’s good at what she does, which oddly enough is becoming more and more rare these days.

15 Reasons We Love “Fixer Upper” Star Joanna Gaines:

1. Her taste in literally everything dreamy beyond belief.

2. For rocking country casual chic and killing it.

3. For caring about Mission Organizations like Restoration Gateway in Uganada.

4. For gracing the world with this rug line.

5. Because she can laugh at herself.

6. For her creative genius in making something awesome out of rust.

7. Because she clearly has time management down pat if she also has time to write a book while being a mom and a fixer upper.

8. Because of this outfit… We are all inspired.

9. For giving the people what they want.

10. Because of her love of her farm life.

11. Because she’s the cool mom.

12. For the love of shiplap.

13. For her candid reactions to the entity that is Chip Gaines.

14. For this…. Obviously.

15. For being a family gal.