25 Pictures of Puppies That Will Help Get You Through Any Day of the Week


The latest psychological studies indicate that browsing through pictures of puppies is not only therapeutic, but also increases your level of happiness — by the “latest psychological studies” we actually mean our own personal findings.

Try for yourself and see if you can make it through this puppy montage without cracking a smile.

25 Pictures of Puppies That Will Help Get You Through Any Day of the Week:

1. Queso Con Corgi

2. Riley the Pug

3. Dozer the Bulldog

Happy #tongueouttuesday from our baby, Behati! ?

A photo posted by Dozer The Bulldog (@dozer_thechamp) on

4. Molly the German Shorthaired Pointer

Look Dad! No hands! #birddogoftheday

A photo posted by John Cain Photography (@johncainsargent) on

5. Nugget


6. The Pomeranian Twins

I’m Lovin It ? #pomeranian

A photo posted by Puppies (@jmarcoz) on

7. Lola

Ma, what channel is Animal Planet? I’m ready when you are.

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8. Mochi Moo

Are you ready to snuggle or what ⁉️ #snuggles #puppylove #naptime #tagsforlikes #SoCaliBullies

A photo posted by Mochi Moo ? (@mochi_moo_frenchie) on

9. Potechin the Pomeranian

10. Doug the Pug 

“The holiday season brings out my inner basic” -Doug

A video posted by Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug) on

11. Maddie

12.  Dennis the Chow

Puppy throwback ?✨

A photo posted by Dennis (@chowchowdennis) on

13. MoMo

Last night a snowstorm forced me to find a place to plug in and sleep until it passed. We found a motel with plugins. Entering the office, an elder couple answered the door slowly on walkers. The woman, 83, told me that they built the place 40 years ago. Her husband, 87, now suffers from dementia and diabetes, and she began to tear up when she told me about a daughter she recently lost. Her son and his girlfriend (“if they ever get married”) help run the place and she’s hoping they’ll take over soon. She might have noticed I was watering up too and she quickly stopped sharing her story. I thanked her for sharing. I didn’t ask to take her photo and didn’t photograph her motel either, though it was v cute. I wanted to share the story, however, for my own memory’s sake and to remind myself of the heart that’s behind family or locally owned businesses. ❤️??

A photo posted by Andrew Knapp (@andrewknapp) on

14. Ripley

15. Berkeley the Chocolate Lab

16. Leo the Goldendoodle

17. Zen the Shih Tzu

18. Sneakers the Corgi

19. Norm

Norm and his sassy selfies #? #petselfiez

A photo posted by Jeremy Veach (@jermzlee) on

20. This Cutie

21. Scout

?Baby Scout learning Down Stay….& wondering why you won’t let me move move!?!? ???Flashback Friday ?

A photo posted by Scout (@scout_of_washington) on

22. This Dalmatian Pile

Puppy pile! Via @mahmoriki #DalmatianNation

A photo posted by Dalmatian Nation (@dalmatiannation) on

23. This Baby

Qotd: how long have you had your dog? ?

A photo posted by Weenie Dogs! (@dauchshunds) on

24. Azura and Juneau

We had fun playing with @keizaaldogs and @miniaussie_bryn this weekend! Little Azura and Juneau are only two days apart!

A photo posted by Holly & Juneau (@hollyupnorth) on

25. This Cutie

Tongue out errday! #tongueout #toocute

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