3 Best Football Theme Songs


Football and country music go hand-in-hand. So much so that for big-time football television productions country music artists are brought in to sing and write theme songs for these mega-events. But, this begs the question, which football-centric, big-time production is the best? Let’s decide.

“Comin’ To Your City” // Big and Rich

Pros: “Comin’ To Your City” is great because it really gets you (the viewer) involved. You’re looking for your team or mascot and really listening for a mention of your school. This song oozes excitement.

Cons: The lyrics, If you wanna little zing in your zang zang // If you wanna little ting in your tang tang. I am terrified to think about what the outcome of asking for a little more ting in my tang tang would entail.

“Waitin’ All Day on Sunday Night” // Carrie Underwood

Pros: Carrie Underwood, obviously. The lyrics, waitin’ all day on Sunday Night, are for lack of a better word: brilliant. Carrie is singing about a football game, but she’s singing like the whole world is listening.

Cons: The overt references to America are too much. If anyone is really listening it sounds like a song about war and not about football. The game that bleeds red, white and blue isn’t that bad, but when you get into, get ready for a star-spangled fight it’s odd.

“All My Rowdy Friends/Monday Night Football” // Hank Williams Jr. 

Pros: Can you even compete with the original? The piano build up, the slide guitar, the synthesizer– it’s everything you could ever want in the opening 40 seconds of a song. Any song. At one point, you’re convinced you’re listening to the musical equivalent of the Super Bowl and then, the saxophone enters into the picture. At this point, you’re at the pinnacle of sport and music. Plus, this song brought the phrase, “are you ready for some football?”

Cons: It’s almost too long.

Each song brings something special to the table. Can one really choose? After all, is there a better combination than country music and football?

Image Source: YouTube, BigStock