4 Reasons to Be the Girl in a Country Song (From a Former Girl)


Way to go Maddie & Tae with “Girl in a Country Song!” I love this song. I appreciate the humor and agree with the sentiment. The lyrics make you laugh a little and think a little, which can be rare in country music, or any popular music for that matter.

And yet, I can’t help but look back about 20 years with a little longing. Wasn’t there a carefree time when you got in a pickup truck wearing only cut-offs and a bikini top because you had nothing else to do than do just that?

For this (former) girl, there are a few reasons to enjoy being the “girl in a country song” even for a day:

1. Time. There used to be so much time.

You could load up and do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted. You didn’t have to pack anything. You didn’t need keys because you lived in the sorority house. You had no cell phone because no one had them yet. You had plenty of time, and you looked good in those cut-offs.

2. You don’t have to host the party.

After getting in the truck, you rode in the back of the truck out to a bonfire. You rocked some painted on jeans and kick-ass cowboy boots. You were not required to acquire the beer, buy the ice, or lug the ice chest anywhere. Beer magically appeared before you, often accompanied by a rather cute boy. The music was loud, the fire was hot, and you could stay up all night.

3. You don’t have to carry anything in a baggie (gallon, freeze or otherwise).

What would it take to get you to the lake now?  I would need a huge tote bag with sunscreen, water, granola bars, the book club book I am struggling to start, a change of clothes, a towel and a hat.  And of course keys and my cell phone. I’d be wearing a tankini instead of a bikini. If my kids were in tow, triple the amount of gear. Plus, anything else you could possibly imagine needing while being away from your house for over 2 hours. And baggies. So many baggies.

4. YOLO!

The last bonfire I attended was with a large group of Girl Scouts. If my jeans seemed painted on, it was due to a few too many s’mores. Instead of cowboy boots, I had on old tennis shoes. Ain’t nobody writing a song about that! Needless to say, no beer magically appeared. All necessary provisions were supplied by me after a very lengthy trip to Costco. I did stay up most of the night, but not in a good way.

At this point in my life, I am opposed to all things that chafe and/or show my midriff, and no one could accuse me of keeping my mouth shut and just going along for the ride, regardless of the circumstances. I don’t want to be that girl in a country song, but I had a little fun in her clothes back in the day.

Image Source: BigStock