5 Best Patriotic Skits from “Saturday Night Live” That’ll Keep You Laughing Through the 4th

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Saturday Night Live has a long-standing tradition of political humor. Every once in a while, however, they like to just go all out with their patriotism. Even if it means a 40-year-old man in the shortest shorts known to man. Here are some of their most patriotic, and bizarre skits.

5 Best Patriotic Skits from “Saturday Night Live” That’ll Keep You Laughing Through the 4th:

1. Short Shorts
This classic skit starring Will Ferrel asks the question, “what happens when extreme patriotism and office casual collide?” It wouldn’t be the first time Will Ferrel would wear something this revealing, nor would it be the last.

2. Civil War Group Picture
Everyone hates trying to coordinate for the family photos after big holiday get-togethers. There’s always someone that’s not paying attention, or that person keeps blinking at just the wrong time. This skit gives us a glimpse of the Confederate Army having their own troubles trying to accomplish what should really be a very simple task.

3. The Roosevelts
This skit perfectly lampoons those ridiculous made-for-TV movies that equal parts historical and ridiculous. Re-imagining Eleanor Roosevelt as this tyrannical monster is quite hilarious.

4. Steam Ship
Larry David and Bernie Sanders collided for this skit. Leave it to ol’ LD to ask the question, “Why women and children first? Why not men too?” All that it’s missing is Susie Essman cursing him out at the top of her lungs.

5. James Madison
This classic is from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Weekend Update heydays. One thing that people don’t talk enough about when they imagine re-visiting historical figures, is how insanely confused and perplexed they’d be by our most basic technologies. This skit does just that.

Bonus: “Get Off The Shed”
Seriously, get off the shed.