5 “Nashville” Stars Before They Played Country Music Singers

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Sure, a couple of the stars of “Nashville” were big before the show, but what about small little roles they played before moving to Music City, USA?

5 “Nashville” Stars Before They Played Country Music Singers:

Connie Britton // “West Wing”
Sometimes, when I’m casually talking about Rayna James, I refer to her football coaching husband back in Texas, Eric Taylor. Rayna and Tami Taylor (“Friday Night Lights”) are so strong, determined and badass, it almost feels like the school counselor just left her family in Dillon to start a new life as the queen of country music.

Of course, before Tami, there was Connie Tate on the “West Wing.” She was a savant.

Charles Esten // “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”
Charles Esten’s come a long way since his comedic days. And that hair. And yes, that’s him as Jim’s boss on “The Office.”

Chris Carmack // “The O.C.”
Hard to believe that sweet and sensitive Will Lexington once the terrible Luke on “The O.C.”

Hayden Panettiere // “Heroes”
Panettiere’s been in everything, though her most notable role came as Claire on “Heroes” and as Beth Cooper in the feature-length film, “I Love You, Beth Beth Cooper.”

Also, she was a screaming, crying, very upset little girl on “Ally McBeal.” We’d give her an EMMY.

Jonathan Jackson // “Boy Meets World”
Jackson was on “General Hospital” for several seasons, but he was also the guy who almost broke up Cory and Topanga on “Boy Meets World.”