5 Quotes Proving Steven Tyler is a Total Taylor Swift Fan Boy

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Steven Tyler, with or without his Aerosmith bandmates, is an icon. A living legend. As Aerosmith’s frontman he helped the group sell 150 million records and produce 12 multi-platinum records. Tyler is also a member of the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame.

A couple of weeks ago Tyler appeared on stage as a guest for Taylor Swift. This wasn’t all that shocking, but in an interview with GQ after the experience it was pretty shocking to see him as a total Taylor Swift fan boy. But, he is.


On Taylor’s album 1989 being named after her birth year.

“I thought she named it that because she was being quirky!”

On Taylor, as a phenomenon.

“She is an incredible entity—it’s unreal what that woman is.”

“…if you look at what she endured in this man’s-world music business of ripoffs, scoundrels, and bastards, she’s doing it like that. She’s a phenomenon.”

“She’s like a beautiful guitar that’s got beautiful strings, and when they’re strummed they sing these notes, but if you lean it up against the amp it starts feeding back.”

On taking the stage with Taylor.

“It was a real moment.”

Image Source: Instagram