5 Reasons to Love Southern Rock


Why not love Southern rock? There’s a lot to listen to, a lot to like and even more to love.

5 Reasons to Love Southern Rock: 

5. The whiskey and the women.

Because the songs are about women and whiskey and hopelessness and fear and guns and women and whiskey — all best listened to turned way up while driving on some long lonesome highway.

4. The lyrics. 

Because you know every word to “Sweet Home Alabama.” Because “Jessica” is a beautiful, instrumental lullaby and lyrics can sometimes be overrated. Because of the heartbreaking confusion in “Highway Song.” Because of the heartache of “30 Days in the Hole.” Because of the uplifting spirit of “Blue Sky.” Because of the simplicity of “Simple Man.” And because: “If I leave here tomorrow, will you still remember me?”

3. Even makes men emotional. 

Because it expresses emotions that every man wants to experience — exhilaration, generosity, and fear. Southern rock makes you want to scream and cry. It challenges you and angers you; it even brings you to your knees. And then it makes you do it all over again!

4. Real life soundtrack.

Because any southern rock song can be any man’s personal soundtrack to just about anything he might do — whether it’s hanging drywall, filing taxes, playing with the kids after dinner, changing the paper in the copy machine — you’re able to relate. You feel capable of achieving something beautiful, yet powerful at the same time.

5. Legendary.

Because Duane and Gregg Allman … and Ronnie Van Zant … and Charlie Daniels.

Image Source: CO