5 Weirdest Super Bowl Halftime Performances

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Performing at the Super Bowl is usually a crowning achievement in a performer’s career, not to mention fans look forward to the performance almost as much as the game. Some of the most iconic performances of the last 30 years have taken place during halftime of the Super Bowl and so have some of the weirdest.

5 Weirdest Super Bowl Halftime Performances:

1992 // Gloria Estefan with Olympic Figure skaters Brian Boitano and Dorothy Hamill

Nothing says, “Old-fashioned American football” like a bunch of figure skaters dancing around to a sad song called “Winter Magic.” An Olympic year or not, this was just sad.


1995 // Patti LaBelle featuring Indiana Jones and Many Others

I guess when they ask you to perform at the Super Bowl, even if you’re Patti LaBelle you can’t tell them most of their ideas are bad. At one point, Indiana Jones is doing something and saving someone, but then Tony Bennett starts in on his lounge act and you realize nothing makes sense in life anyway. 


2003 // Shania Twain featuring No Doubt and Sting

At this point in her career, Shania could’ve carried the entire halftime show, but maybe because she’s Canadian and was wearing a rhinestone bra someone was like, “you know what would really put this over the top? No Doubt singing ‘Message in a Bottle’ with Sting,” and so, it happened. Sting kind of looks annoyed at one point, like no one told him Gwen Stefani would be out there with him.


2011 // The Black Eyed Peas featuring Usher and Slash

The Black Eyed Peas were long past their prime when this disaster happened. Slash must’ve been in town for the game or something because his appearance makes no sense, though it was a highlight. The auto-tune is kind of easy to fall asleep to, which shouldn’t happen during the Super Bowl. 


1991 // New Kids on the Block featuring Random Disney Characters

Any halftime performance that features “It’s a Small World” is not a great effort.


Image Source: YouTube