6 Most Interesting Occupations on Season 20 of “The Bachelor”


After 20 seasons of ABC’s “The Bachelor,” viewers have been introduced to all kinds of weird occupations and career paths of contestants. Some of these jobs like, “hot dog vendor” and “dog lover” seem like an excellent way to spend one’s 9 to 5, but how do they pay the bills?

Ben Higgins, the newest bachelor, has his fair share of interesting ladies to choose from this season, but none more interesting than those with super unique job titles.

6 Most Interesting Occupations on Season 20 of “The Bachelor”:

1/2. Twin

Yep, these two ladies– Emily and Haley– are full-time twins. It’s one of those intrinsic things that can’t be taught and you definitely can’t get a degree in it.


3. Chicken Enthusiast

Our home office is just down the road from the Tyson Food world headquarters and about two miles from the John W. Tyson Center of Excellence for Poultry Science at the University of Arkansas. According to the course catalog at the University’s Department of Poultry Science there are no classes for this particular career goal. There are classes for poultry judging and selection and special problems.


4. War Veteran

Calm down, calm down– I’m just saying I don’t think this can actually be listed as someone’s occupation. Maybe “former active duty military” or something like that.

5. Cowgirl

I lived in Texas for 7 years and never met anyone who did this for a living. Also, this girl brought a mini-horse to the mansion with her. I would think a full-time cowgirl would have a larger horse? Or no?

6. Unemployed

This doesn’t seem like something you could put on a resume.

Past Work:

  • Cowgirl
  • Unemployed
  • Twin

I don’t think that resume would get much traction.


Image Source: Disney/ABC Press