9 Chip and Joanna GIFs That Accurately Describe Marriage

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Chip and Joanna Gaines have quickly become one of my favorite couples on TV, and watching them interact together is hilarious. In fact, if you are a married person, you have probably watched episodes of “Fixer Upper” and thought to yourself Chip Gaines and my husband could be best friends.

In honor of the final season of “Fixer Upper” airing on November 21, we put together the best GIFs of Chip and Jo that accurately describe what marriage is like, because who better to represent the hilarity of marriage than the president and first lady of shiplap?

9 Chip and Joanna GIFs That Accurately Describe Marriage:


When you’re trying really hard to pay attention to what your significant other is saying, but you were up all night because they were snoring.


When you agree on where to go for dinner without any debate.


When you check your bank account and see that you both got paid.


When bae is driving you crazy but you still love him a lot.


When he doesn’t notice that you got a new haircut.


When you want to take a cute picture with him but he won’t cooperate.


When he just really wants to test your limits of personal space and boundaries.


When he keeps eating the food while you’re trying to cook.


When people start asking you when you’re going to have babies.