7 TV Characters We Wish Could Run for Office

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It’s that time of year…every single commercial on land, air or water is asking for your vote or telling why you shouldn’t vote for the other guy. At this point, no one wants to vote for anyone. But, what if we could convince some of our favorite television characters to run for office?

1. Tami Taylor // “Friday Night Lights”

Undoubtedly, Tami would run a no-nonsense campaign. Can’t you just see the posters of her wearing those classic aviators, arms crossed in front of an American flag? This tough-as-nails educator turned counselor turned administrator would be one of those politicians who isn’t afraid to cross the aisle.

Major platforms: education, domestic violence

2. Julia Sugarbaker // “Designing Women”

There’s not a person alive who wouldn’t want this woman on their team. She says she’s a liberal Christian, so she’d have a little bit of trouble here and there, but voters would warm up to her quickly. She’d fight tooth and nail for issues she’s passionate about– which is probably every issue, really.

Major platforms: education, women’s rights

3. Jim Halpert // “The Office”

Jim Halpert proved he could work with anybody during his time at Dunder Mifflin. He was especially good at bringing people together to work as a team. This is much needed in Congress.

Major platforms: pranks, environment

4. Jack Donaughey // “30 Rock”

He has the political connections of a Kennedy and the money to back a strong campaign. Most women would be a little scared to vote for him, but with his charisma, whatever campaign he was in would be won by a landslide.

Major platforms: economy, taxes, healthcare

5. Leslie Knope // “Parks and Rec”

So, technically, she ran for office on the show, but there was a recall and she lost. Knope is what this country needs. Someone who doesn’t play politics, but loves America and its people.

Major platforms: all

7. Rick Grimes // “The Walking Dead”

As leader of arguably the only moral survivors in post-Zombie-Apocalypse America, Rick Grimes has proven his ability to take charge and effect results under extreme pressure. He can soothe a baby in one arm while disabling a walker with the other. That’s that kind of leader we’d follow.

(We’d show you a clip but we don’t want to ruin your lunch.)

Major Platform: protect the living, save the world

8. Jay Pritchett // “Modern Family”

He’s a little rough around the edges at times, but with a little work he would make a pretty decent candidate. He owns his own business and has raised a family. Not to mention, his family is pretty diverse, which has really opened his eyes to a lot of issues of the modern American family.

Major platforms: economy, equal rights

Image Source: YouTube, BigStock